The Sunday Night Service at All Souls Episcopal

Meet the The Sunday Night Service team

Lead by Emily Hansen Curran, this emerging community growing out of a 100-year old parish in Berkeley, California, is attempting to create a healing space for those who have left the evangelical church, and for those life-long Episcopalians who are looking for a different expression of the liturgy that has guided them throughout their lives.

What We Do for Them

Emily’s vision for The Sunday Night Service is a perfect fit for the Launchpad world, she just needed a team to come alongside her and give her space to reinvest in her evangelical roots. Our coaching sessions help the launch team to process the culture and needs of ex-evangelicals. We’ve also given them helpful strategies on raising money from within the community as they enter their second year and start to really own who they want to be in the world.

What They Do for Us

We love working with Emily. Her services launched one year ago and are taking a different path by merging two traditions of worship. Emily’s maturity and thoughtfulness, her curiosity and willingness to collaborate inspires us. We would love to work with more Episcopal churches like All Souls and similar mainline folks. The Sunday Night Service is a great project for Launchpad as we develop a collaborative model with inclusive mainline congregations.

What They Do for the World

The Sunday Night Service was inspired by a similar service model in an Episcopal church in Cincinnati. They have (two) launch team member(s) who were involved in helping both projects get off the ground. They’re an example of what we hope to see more often, Episcopalians who desire the goodness of their gospel message and liturgical rhythms expressed in new contexts and collaborations. They’re showing us all what it can look like to reconstruct in collaboration with the best of our traditions. They’re a hopeful reminder that we don’t have to throw everything away, and that we can learn great things from each other.

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