Our Beliefs and Values

Let’s face it “beliefs” is a loaded word.  Beliefs have often been paired with the word “right” and used to keep people out, beat folks up, build walls between us versus break them down. 

So, we use the word beliefs carefully. With humility and not with a “my way or the highway…” “set in stone…” subtext to them. Because in many ways we see our beliefs as living and breathing and growing and changing, as we grow and change in relationship with God and each other. 

The list below includes some of the beliefs that are grounding us, right now. And informing the way we work here at Launchpad Partners. 

And please…if you have any questions about any of them, feel free to ask. 

We Believe…

Love is the driving force

We believe we’re on this earth to love. Love is meant to be the driving force behind everything we do and it unites us all in our differences. God is love, and in Jesus Christ we witness the ultimate manifestation of that love.

Jesus Has Gotten A Bad Name

The Jesus that’s been screamed about from a lot of pulpits isn’t the Jesus we believe in. The Jesus we’ve encountered in scripture and in our own experience is One who calls us all to co-create a world of justice, inclusivity, freedom, dignity, and possibility for all. 

God Is Wildly Inclusive

We humbly recognize that damage has been done by those who have traditionally held power within the church. In every space we create, we will advocate for, partner with, elevate, and learn from all voices, including but not limited to women, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals and more.

The Need for Belonging Is Sacred

Leadership is hard and lonely, therefore we prioritize connection and support within the larger Launchpad network, creating opportunities to foster belonging and recognize that when we are connected to others in genuine relationships we can better know God and ourselves and become the leader God has called us to be.

Imagination Is Essential

We are here to partner with others as we imagine new concepts of church and community that will serve our changing world. We partner with leaders through the journey of developing and implementing the practical steps of an imagined reality rooted within their place and context where all people can thrive as God intended.

Collaboration is Powerful

We believe that what can come from a collaboration of multiple voices and perspectives is more beautiful and more effective than acting alone. We support communities in creating collaborative spaces, coaching through shared leadership models, breaking down hierarchies that have held others down, acting justly, and valuing the dignity and worth of every person.

Rituals are Good for the Soul

We believe the tradition of Christianity, while fraught with baggage, still offers practices and rituals that are good for the flourishing of the Soul. We encourage the development of fresh practices of faith to complement some of the rich traditions of Christianity through which we came.

We believe asking questions is holy work. And we’d love to walk alongside you as you ask yours.