The Agape Table

Meet The Agape Table

The Agape Table exists to create healing for queer people of faith and their friends in South Carolina. This healing takes place through cohorts, film screenings, and curated dialogue sessions.

What We Do For Them

We met The Agape Table’s founder, Dylan Gunnels at a Q Christian Fellowship conference. He was discerning how he could help LGBTQ and people of faith bridge differences in his hometown of Columbia, South Carolina.

He participated in Launchpad’s very first cohort in 2017 where he was able to dream about what The Agape Table might become. He later became Launchpad’s first Launching Partner through coaching, which keeps him and The Agape Table team on track to reach their goals.

What They Do For Us

Dylan is a a young leader in South Carolina and has connected Launchpad with pastors and other faith leaders throughout the south. They serve as an example of a non-church community that can bring education and healing to a world that needs it.

Working with Launchpad has been life-changing for myself and my organization! Their coaching and guidance is thoughtful, compassionate, and effective. They have and will continue to help us expand our reach and be a positive influence in many more lives!
Dylan Gunnels
Founder, The Agape Table

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