Refuge Faith Community

Meet Refuge

Refuge Faith Community is led by Gaines Taylor, a youth leader and business coach who knows what it feels like to be a gay student on a conservative college campus. He’s been organizing story nights and faith conversations in local tea shops and breweries around Bristol, PA for years.

When the pandemic began, Gaines realized using these stories and experiences to build a faith community was something he was called to do. Through producing stories for Refuge Radio and building a local community of support on and off university campuses in his area and beyond, Gaines hopes to show those who feel alone and abandoned that there are people who care and that the Divine loves them for who they are in their entirety. 

What We Do For Them

We met Gaines through the Q Christian Fellowship 2021 virtual conference. He stopped by our “booth” and we made an instant connection. He was ready to start organizing his community and we came along as coaches to help him discern his story, recognize his leadership strengths, speak up on justice issues, and start strategizing for what was ahead. He’s now in the early days of connecting with people one-on-one and navigating what launching something new looks like as the world moves from virtual to in-person connections.

What They Do For Us

Gaines is a leader with coaching expertise of his own. He’s introduced us to the PRO-D (TM) assessment for leaders and given us valuable feedback that’s helped us identify our coaching and consulting strengths. He’s a generous networker and believes in building the bigger vision of Launchpad, to see more inclusive communities and leaders across the country. We’re especially excited to learn from his vision to reach more LGBTQ+ students and families on conservative college campuses.

"Jen and Aaron have been incredibly encouraging, helping me create a plan as well as connecting our team to others who can offer insight as we work to launch and grow Refuge Faith Community locally and through Refuge Radio. “
Gaines Taylor
Founder, Refuge Faith Community

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