Safe Harbor Orange County

Meet City Church

Our Guiding Partner, City Church San Francisco, was one of the churches that helped create and shape our movement when they publicly embraced inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community over ten years ago. City Church Long Beach is a church they planted eight years ago and now CCLB is ready to launch an inclusive community for Orange County.

How We Partner With Them

We met CCLB’s Co-pastor Bill White when he and Co-Pastor Brenna Rubio were preparing to hire their pastoral intern Donna Bukland as a church planting resident. They were looking for some guidance on how to support her through the journey. After joining our Networking and Support Hours for a few months, we all became excited about partnering and learning together. Donna began her church planting residency with CCLB in June 2021. Launchpad has come alongside to formally coach her as she prepares to launch in Orange County and to work with the sending church (CCLB) as they mentor and support her. 

How They Partner With Us

This partnership allows us to develop a 12-month residency model for those in the pre-launch phase of developing an inclusive community in their area. We’re also excited to launch our first women leaders cohort which includes Donna and two other women leaders launching new faith communities in Ohio and Illinois. The cohort gives us an opportunity to partner with Karen Rohrer of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary/PCUSA Coaching Network as she serves as facilitator.

"Often what happens with progressive church plants is a pastor from a more conservative church breaks away or is kicked out of their old church, so they plant a church independently without the support of a mother or sister church. This plant's unique gift is stability through support and coaching from City Church Long Beach and Launchpad. If there were a time and place to plant a progressive church, it would be now with this kind of support. This type of support never existed, which is why we don't see more post-evangelical churches. Our little church plant has become a small case study for future inclusive churches."
Donna Burkland
Church Planting Resident, City Church Long Beach, adapted from her blog "Becoming Pastor"

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