Meet Desert Voices

Desert Voices is a podcast and digital faith platform founded by two former Young Life leaders, Shaleen Kendrick and Holland Fields, in Arizona. They engage and collaborate with diverse perspectives from fellow desert dwellers to curate and provide tools and guideposts along the spiritual journey. It is their mission to spark curiosity and boldly explore spirituality that contributes to human flourishing. 

How We Partner With Them

Jen met Shaleen as a grad student at Christian Theological Seminary and a partner within the W/ Collective. We came on as coaches right as they were about to launch their vision into the world. We’re steering them toward a growing network of voices and providing feedback on the crafting of their podcast. We’ve also helped them set up their finances and operations, edited some of their writings and website, and coached them through discerning their short and long term goals. As they’ve matured in their vision and voice, we’re now enjoying being collaborators and encouragement to help Shaleen and her team own who the work they are called to do.

How They Partner With Us

Desert Voices is a coaching partner with invaluable resources for others launching new communities, an excellent model of great podcast production, and they are passionate about networking with fellow leaders who sit in the in-between of conservative and progressive theology. Shaleen is a certified Enneagram coach and has worked with other churches in our network and led sessions on our retreats. She’s now a part of the women’s cohort and brings an invaluable feminist energy to everything we do together.

Desert Voices is a resource we think everyone should know. We recommended the podcast to another new leader in our network and are thrilled to see the way the Desert Voices content has inspired her and given her articulation in her own leadership journey and faith context. Shaleen has created a resource for people, but especially women, who are quietly quitting evangelicalism and need a strong voice of wisdom on their side. She’s now including neurological learnings and embodiment work into the podcast and we’re excited about the way science is illuminating the gospel through her perspective and experience. We believe Desert Voices is an incredible resource for anyone wandering in their spiritual journey.

“Jen and Aaron helped us not feel alone and crazy as we launched Desert Voices. They helped ground us and gave us a sweet space to process and plan how to move forward with excellence and grace!”
Holland Fields
Co-Founder, Desert Voices

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