Become a Guiding Partner

Launchpad Partners is a nonprofit coaching and consulting group for people who want to launch a fully inclusive, antiracist, Jesus-following, love & justice generating church, group, organization, podcast… or something they’re still figuring out how to label.

Our Guiding Partners are established communities (churches or other organizations) that want to invest in the next generation of leaders starting inclusive communities.

Our work is made possible by our Guiding and Individual Partners.

Guiding Partners receive

  • On-going support, connection and collaboration through our monthly Networking and Support Hours
  • A regular invite to help us curate our resources library with content from your leadership knowledge and experience (ie. share your blog posts, documents, sermons, etc. that might help future leaders learning to launch, lead or revitalize their communities in their own contexts)
  • Priority invitations as paid guest speakers or coaches
  • A one-time opportunity to have a Launchpad Co-Director preach or speak to your community on our shared vision for launching inclusive faith communities
  • Access to discounted registration for in-person and digital events
  • Access to our job board and opportunities to list open positions for free
  • Regular posts on our social media and email newsletter that direct people to sermons, events or other points of contact you’d like to share with our network

To discuss a potential partnership, please contact Co-Director Jen Fisher at or schedule a call with the Launchpad team.

A skeptical congregant asked me after we became affirming "what kind of church are you trying to build now?" Without thinking it was out of my mouth, and I believe prompted by the Holy Spirit. 'I'm building the only kind of church your children will attend one day.' He looked at me and said "on that you are exactly right, and I'm all in." That's what Launchpad is helping to curate. Churches that are designed for future generations to worship the God of heaven and earth in a way that is just, generous, inclusive, and plausible. I'm so proud to be associated with this forward-thinking and innovative group.
Fred Harrell
Individual Partner and Senior Pastor of our Guiding Partner, City Church SF