Our New Website!

After three years of listening and learning about what faith leaders and launchers need and how Launchpad might support them, we had the good common sense to hire the brilliant Lenora Rand of SmallGood, a women-owned, communications and marketing agency that believes in positive impact marketing. She helped us tell our story better and ultimately launch a new site, that we think better exemplifies who we are and what we want to stand for in the world.

Throughout our site, we’ve had the good fortune of including quotes, images, and stories from our launching and guiding partners and many friends from our network. Thank you to all of you who contributed!

The photo above is of Aaron and me in-real-life together for the first time in 15 months. We spent 8 hours in my hometown in Illinois sitting at Panera Bread working on finishing this site. I kept looking up from my screen and telling him how weird it was to be looking at him in person. Weird and lovely.

Here’s to a new site and to the the (many) amazing folks we’ll meet through it!

The world needs more inclusive, Jesus-following, antiracist, love & justice-generating communities.