Christmas Prayers for Leaders

As we celebrate a Christmas that feels like no other before it, we offer these prayers for our fellow leaders of faith. May you find for yourself the hope, peace, joy and love that you so generously give to others. 

This Christmas…

God of comfort, come gently among us this day; hear our prayers, restore our souls.

Piece together our loose ends; smooth over our rough edges; restore our souls.

When lights and decorations fail to delight our senses, and serve only to deepen our pain and fear, restore our souls.

When we feel the ache of grief for those we’ve lost too soon, bring us comfort in your love.

When we clench our fists in anger, open our hands to receive your grace.

When we are worn out, beat down, scared and insecure, surround us with your peace.

When our doubts outweigh our hopes, when despair overwhelms us, increase our faith.

When we have no energy left to love, please love us all the more.

When we cannot bring ourselves to pray, pray for us.

Wrap us in your loving arms as Mary first wrapped you in hers.

Remind us to be tender with our own hearts, so we might be tender with others.

Bring us back to your grace, your light, the hope we are longing for most this Christmas. 


(Prayer adapted from

God in Our Midst

In the darkest times we cannot see to make our way…

our eyes adjust, but still everything is shadowed and grey.

We reach out, desperate for comfort, for breath, for loving touch, for the familiar, for hope.

In the darkest times,

even a faltering light can be just enough:

the flame flickers, twinkles, dances—and it is dazzling!

For in its light, we see light: God in our midst.

However impossible it seems,

God’s mercy is from everlasting to everlasting,

and blessed is the one gifted with God’s vision.

Come, O come, Emmanuel, God with us, and we will rejoice.

However impossible it seems,

hope is alive, even in the midst of this world,

and blessed is the one whose living hope reveals God’s good news.

However impossible it seems,

here we are, the servants of the Lord, both perplexed and joyful —

and blessed is the one who trusts that with God all things are possible.

However impossible it seems,

God’s promise will be fulfilled —

and blessed is the one who sees the truth of God’s realm in our midst.


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