Pastor of Music and Creativity

Watershed is a progressive, non-denominational, post-evangelical church located near the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina. While initially planted as a fairly straightforward, urban evangelical church over 17 years ago, Watershed has evolved over the years in both belief and practice to become the still-journeying faith community it is today.

A number of fundamental shifts have marked our growth as a church, few more consequential than our decision to become fully inclusive and affirming of persons of LGBTQIA identity a number of years ago. That pivotal shift was both born from and contributed to a richer embrace of the depth and breadth of the Christian tradition than our community had previously known. The Watershed that gathers on Sunday’s and connects through the week is striving to be more just and generous, more inclusive, anti-racist, accessible, and aspirational – awakening, struggling, and loving together as if a different world is possible today.

We are now excited to invite a new voice into this journey, one we hope will arrive as both kindred spirit in the pathways we’ve followed and source of guidance on roads not yet traveled. The ideal candidate will provide creative and liturgical direction for our Sunday morning worship services, but their collaborative influence will touch every corner of our community. 

In many ways we feel Watershed is on the precipice of a new chapter that will define the next decade of our ministry. Our desire is to add a team member who is both drawn to the community we have become and ready to both dream about and lead into who we are becoming.  

We look forward to meeting you!

The Watershed Team

This is a full-time, salaried, exempt position. Salary range contingent on experience and salary expectations can be explored during the interview process.

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