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Community Pastor

Forefront Church NYC is a progressive Christian Church with a vision to be a just and generous expression of Jesus Christ for our community, for our city of New York, and beyond. Read our Church Profile here.

We’re looking for someone with:

  1. A heart to care for the people in our community, encouraging growth and life change
  2. Passion to share the message of a just and generous God by developing content and collaborating with community
  3. Organization to produce events and coach others

Pastoral Care and Spiritual Growth

  • Create a welcoming and safe space for spiritual development and discipleship.
  • Care for newcomers and members, including meeting with them mid-week, inviting them to upcoming events, and raising up leaders to continue to care for newcomers and our community.
  • Meet with leaders as needed, intentionally checking in on their spiritual health, praying for them, and regularly thanking them and their volunteers for serving.
  • Help leaders recruit new volunteers for ministry teams and filling in gaps as needed.

Thought Leadership and Collaboration

  • Spend time reading, listening, praying, and dreaming in order to develop spiritual growth and life change, especially in the areas of progressive theology. 
  • Collaborate with the Forefront staff to plan for Sunday sermon series and topics that challenge our faith and culture, and continue to promote a just and generous vision of Jesus. Preach on these topics once every 4-6 weeks.
  • Provide insight and collaborate to develop small group curriculum, blog posts, and socio/religious commentary. 
  • Use your imagination, experiences, and personal spiritual development to initiate new systems, ideas, or events that contribute to spiritual growth and life change in the Forefront Community and New York City. 
  • Develop relationships with organizations throughout New York that are doing just and generous work in our city. Create opportunities for our church to serve alongside these organizations in varying capacities. 

Creating Safe, Progressive, and Powerful Worship Space

  • Act as a liaison between staff and ministry teams and communicate with leaders about changing details for Sunday services, news within the church, and events to share with teams and community members.
  • Oversee planning and implementing key events throughout the year that create a fun, caring environment for Forefront’s community.
  • Produce Sunday Morning services. Operate as the point person for volunteers and ministry teams, and making sure the service flows smoothly.

Commitment Qualifications

  • Ongoing spiritual commitment, including a commitment to contemplative practices, reading, tithing, and humility.
  • Ongoing commitment to the community, including the building of both personal and professional connections.
  • A commitment to be present for Sunday worship services and a willingness to serve others each Sunday.
  • A commitment to staff members, including a weekly staff meeting and one-on-one check in with the Lead Pastor.


  • Flexible schedule with few set work hours outside of staff meetings and Sunday morning worship.
  • Your time and well-being are valued. Take vacation when needed.
  • Work hours include time to imagine, dream, read, write, and do whatever else provokes spiritual and personal growth.
  • Staff outings and retreats.

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