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Children’s GreenHouse Pastor at Watershed

Watershed is a fully LGBTQIA affirming, urban, justice-minded church community in the heart of the city of Charlotte, North Carolina in search of a pastor for our kids ministry called GreenHouse.

At Watershed, and in GreenHouse, we believe every child is born into this world fully loved and accepted by God. This divine love is the flame that animates and energizes a child. Our purpose then as parents and as the church is to fan this flame, to protect but also nurture and shape our children’s hearts and minds from infancy to adolescence such that they see and relate to themselves, others and the world through a lens of hope, compassion and joy.

On any given Sunday morning, GreenHouse is burgeoning with 80-100 children and a fully energized and committed community of volunteers and leaders. These (70+) volunteers and leaders serve on average twice a month during one of our two gatherings at Watershed.

This is a full-time, exempt, salaried position.

The Pastor of our kids in GreenHouse should possess the passion and skill to do the following:

Co-create with lead pastors the mission, vision and values of GreenHouse. Develop or procure and implement age and theologically appropriate curriculum.

Recruit, care for, manage, and develop leaders.

Oversee the weekly scheduling of volunteers and leaders for GH experience.

Oversee the organization and management of all GH environments for Sunday.

Purchase, manage and disperse GH supplies necessary for each age group on Sundays.

Because GH oversees so many people, the Pastor of GH will need to possess a high degree of…

Emotional and relational intelligence

Competency and experience in communicating to and with others.

Competency and experience in empowering others.

Competency and experience in problem solving and conflict management.

Paying attention to detail and follow through with tasks.

Competency and experience of taking an idea from concept to actualization without oversight or hand-holding.

Self motivation and ambition towards personal and professional development.

Theological Bent:

Watershed is a community that has continued to evolve in the way it sees the world theologically. Hence, there is a thread of theological diversity that exists. So much of who we are as a community invites people to process their lives and spiritual journey through relationships, service and our Sunday morning gatherings. While we are deeply anchored in a Christo-centric reality and the scriptures, we are very comfortable with a Socratic approach to helping others. Hence Pastoral Staff must be comfortable enough in your own theological skin to lead along side of others who may see the world through a different theological or doctrinal lens, as well as an willingness remain curious and open to a process of continued theological evolution themselves.

Necessary Qualifications

3 or more years of experience in Children’s ministry or a related field.

Proven ability to grow a children’s program.

Strong ability to manage a volunteer support team, preferably of 50+.

Curriculum writing experience.

Preferred Qualifications

Work in some sort of task management software.

Proficiency with technology and internet-based software.

Undergraduate degree.

Prolific writing and editing skills.

Competent public speaking and communication skills.

Bonus Qualifications

Proficient in CCB (Church Community Builder), Slack, Pages, Numbers, Excel, Asana.

Teaching experience in a public school setting.

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